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2014 ASID Oklahoma Chapter 2014 Excellence in Design ‘First Place Residential’

2013 IDA International Design Awards ‘ Silver Winner – Residential Category’

2011 ASID Oklahoma Chapter Excellence in Design ‘Best in Competition’

2003 ASID Oklahoma Chapter Excellence in Design Competition ‘Best in Show’

2003 ASID Oklahoma Chapter Excellence in Design Competition ‘First Place Residential’

1996/97 Sub-Zero Kitchen Design Contest Territory Winner


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Western Art & Architecture – June/July 2015 Issue

Texas Home & Living – October 2013 Issue

Texas Home & Living – June 2011 Issue

NW Style – September 2008 Volume 3, Number 9

Edmond Monthly – April 2004 Volume 7, Number 4

Design Oklahoma – 2003 Edition

Metro Designs – 2000/2001 Edition

Great American Kitchens – Premiere Edition



Cam Thomson, ASID

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Cody Thomson, ASID Allied

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Ashford Ravenscroft Thomson

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“[Cam’s] father, Ron, was a well-known and respected interior designer, crafting the appearance of homes, offices, the interiors of corporate jets, helicopters, private buses and yachts. ‘He was a very versatile designer,’ Cam remembered.  Ron held a degree in furniture design from the University of Oklahoma, also Cam’s alma mater. No surprise that with his father’s influence, he majored in interior design. Cam’s wife, Dencie, has a master’s degree in interior design from the University of Central Oklahoma. They met when Dencie was hired as an intern for the elder Thomson.  ‘My father just adored this business,’ Cam said. He was one of the first members of the Oklahoma chapter of the Association of Interior Designers, forerunner of the American Society of Interior Designers. ‘I was his apprentice for five or six years. I sponged up as much as I possibly could learn from him,’ Cam said.  Father and son worked together as a team for years. Cam is currently working under the name Cam Thomson Interiors, but plans are in the works to revive the shared business name of Thomson & Thomson.  Cam and Dencie’s daughter, Cody, graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture. She plans to add a third generation to this family business… ‘I can really use her expertise in my business,’ Cam said.  ‘I’m definitely into the visual master plan of design. Clients should be able to see what the designer is thinking about their project,’ he said. His renderings are beautifully drawn, with every aspect to scale, and are worthy of framing – a distinctive throwback considering how dramatically the design industry has changed since he began working in the field.'”–Article Excerpt from Volume 31, Sept. 08 Issue of Northwest Style by M. J. Van Deventer

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